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Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Trail - a Fully accessible lake district route 🦽⛰🌞

Welcome to the breathtaking Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Trail, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the picturesque Lake District. This remarkable trail offers an inclusive and accessible experience of the lake district for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and families alike, regardless of your personal ability.

The lake district is my favourite place to visit in the UK. i have often thought about taking my students on a trip to the lake district so they can experience the incredible views and the humbling feeling of nature. however, climbing mountains and going on expeditions through rough terrain is not exactly the most accessible trip.

on my recent trip to the lake district i walked along this route and was shocked at the amount of effort that had gone into planning and producing a route that could help bring the experience of the lake district to everybody. This scenic route has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate individuals with varying abilities, ensuring that everyone can immerse themselves in the region's natural beauty. With wide paths, gentle gradients, and wheelchair-friendly surfaces, the trail opens doors to the wonders of the Lake District for all.

the route starts in keswick, a famous and historic town, in the car park opposite the old station building. Use this postcode to find the car park - CA12 4NP! if you require a level access starting point - the best place to start is the kewick leisure centre, which also has disabled parking spaces.

the route follows the old railway line from keswick for 5km, making this a 10km route if you want to travel back to your starting point. there a benches and g=nice picnic sports en route, with a new, smooth tarmac track the whole way and a low gradient throughout. you will go over several bridges with great views of the river greta and backdrop of surrounding montains. it is worth noting that there is a short tunnel part way through the walk which so may not feel comfortable with. the trail ends at threkeld where pubs / coffe shops are available to purchase refreshments before making your journey back!

The Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Trail is more than just a path through nature; it's an inclusive journey that invites everyone to connect with the natural wonders of the Lake District. With its accessible design, stunning vistas, and rich history, this trail offers an experience like no other.

Note: Before setting off on your journey, remember to check for the latest trail information, accessibility options, and any additional guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Trail. Happy exploring!

this route and many other accessible routes like it can be found on the miles without stiles section of the lake district website available here:

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