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World Autism Awareness Day!🌍🧠

April 2nd marks a pivotal moment in our calendar - World Autism Awareness Day. It's a time when we come together as a global community to shine a light on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), raising awareness, and fostering understanding and support for individuals on the spectrum. As we commemorate this significant day, let's delve into some of the realities faced by individuals with autism and see how we can make a difference.

Autism is a diverse and complex neurological condition that impacts individuals in unique ways. From differences in communication and social interaction to sensory sensitivities and repetitive behaviours, autism presents differently in each person. Yet, amidst these differences, there is a shared journey towards acceptance and inclusion for individuals with autism.

This year we are promoting "Embracing Neurodiversity." This underscores the importance of recognising and celebrating the unique strengths and talents of individuals with autism. It's a call to action to create communities where every individual is valued, respected, and supported to thrive. You can receive an extra 20% off any order with us if you use the code #worldautismawareness - available all month!

As we reflect on World Autism Awareness Day, let's consider the following sobering statistics:

  1. Only 26% of autistic pupils feel happy at school: This statistic highlights the urgent need for greater support and understanding within educational settings. By fostering inclusive environments and providing tailored support, we can ensure that all students, including those with autism, have the opportunity to flourish.

  2. There are 150,000 people on the waiting list for an autism assessment in the UK: This staggering number underscores the challenges faced by individuals and families seeking diagnosis and support. It's crucial to advocate for timely access to assessments and services to meet the diverse needs of those on the autism spectrum.

  3. 70% of autistic people experience mental health problems: This statistic sheds light on the heightened risk of mental health challenges faced by individuals with autism. It emphasises the importance of holistic support and access to mental health services that are sensitive to the unique needs of autistic individuals.*

On World Autism Awareness Day, we have an opportunity to make a meaningful impact by taking action:

  • Raise Funds: Support organisations like the National Autistic Society by participating in fundraising initiatives. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference.

  • Raise Awareness: Share these statistics and facts with your friends, family, and networks to raise awareness about the realities faced by individuals with autism. By spreading awareness, we can challenge misconceptions and promote understanding and acceptance.

  • Advocate for Change: Advocate for policies and initiatives that prioritise the needs of individuals with autism, including timely access to assessments, support services, and educational accommodations.

Together, let's illuminate World Autism Awareness Day with compassion, empathy, and action. By working together, we can create a world where individuals with autism are valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Further info can be found at;

*Statistics from

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